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RE: Tie cable

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If you look back at a few threads, you will note that hard steels are prone
to hydrogen embrittlement which is a very bad failure mechanism.  Strand is
a hard steel.  I would be tempted to encapsulate the strand in a plastic
sheath as you would for post tensioned work, then I would encapsulate the
strand and sheath in concrete.  The low-relaxation is not an indicator of
corrosion resistance.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Tie cable
> In the design of a 25-ft high U-shaped abutment for a concrete bridge, we
> have to tie the two wing walls to each other at the top with cables in
> order to control the overturning moment. The cables will be underground of
> course. What kind of cable may be used for this application and how could
> it be protected against corrosion? Is a low-relaxation 270K strand embeded
> in concrete a good alternative?
> Javier Encinas