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RE: Shear Flow

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|~|I'm not familiar with timber rivets, but if they work without slipping
|~|through thin air, and preferrably install with a preload-tight fit, they
|~|might well work.

I forget the grade, but they are impressively strong (and somewhat
expensive), with oval heads, so when you drive them into round holes in
steel plate they create a very nice fixed "cantilever". The oval shape is
set skinny side parallel with grain, no pre-drilling. As for holdowns, I
like Zone 4's ( concentric tie downs with dry wood studs or
posts each side. The tube bracket allows accurate self jigging for 1/16"
hole oversize, achieved through concentric double shear.

|~|I wonder if they would work to connect hold-down devices to wood
|~|framing in
|~|shear walls.
|~|Charles O. Greenlaw.