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RE: Shear Flow

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At 04:04 PM 02/14/2000 -0800, you wrote, about timber rivets:

>I forget the grade, but they are impressively strong (and somewhat
>expensive), with oval heads, so when you drive them into round holes in
>steel plate they create a very nice fixed "cantilever". The oval shape is
>set skinny side parallel with grain, no pre-drilling. 

        Thanks for the description. Do you have a website for these animals?

>As for holdowns, I
>like Zone 4's ( concentric tie downs with dry wood studs or
>posts each side. The tube bracket allows accurate self jigging for 1/16"
>hole oversize, achieved through concentric double shear.

        They look very elegant and purposeful, like a vintage battleship
does, but grotesquely oversize for routine small woodframe buildings with
the typical narrow panels that still prevail here in Zone Three. When narrow
panels are banned here too, in the 2000 IBC, the fallback will be to specify
proprietary factory-made narrow panels, not wide, site-built ones.  
        I specify bolt-onto-the-stud/post hold downs maybe once a year, and
reluctantly even then. "Light framing" around here is still way too light
for Zone Four stuff and for 20 penny common nails. 

        The explanation I make to clients about the narrow panel ratio ban
in Code invariably badmouths SEAOC. The latest BlueBook Commentary supports
me in this exasperated explanation.

Charles O. Greenlaw  SE  Sacramento CA