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RE: Shear Flow

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Wood Design & Building magazine ( )had a article on
timber rivets a while back and I can not find it. If you email the magazine,
they might be able to help you. There was an ad for a company that sold them
in Cleveland, I believe. If I come across some real information I will post
it. Section 13 of the 1997 NDS is for timber rivets.

The zone 4 holdowns are a good choice when you have holdown forces is excess
of, say, 8000#, you don't own stock in their competitor, and you don't
believe that the plywood can resist post bending due to eccentricity.

|~|        Thanks for the description. Do you have a website for
|~|these animals?
|~|        They look very elegant and purposeful, like a vintage battleship
|~|does, but grotesquely oversize for routine small woodframe buildings with

Not necessarily, they make a small single sided eccentric type as well,
which still has the advantage of aligning the drilled holes in the stud, but
as you said for small loads, a self tapping screw in type holdown may work
just as well.

Jeff Smith