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RE: Bond Beam Reinf

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The mason will not be able to provide a sloping CMU bond beam.  If you
want it to slope it needs to be concrete.

If you have a level parapet, we have always provided a stepping CMU bond
beam with horizontal reinforcing.  The beams are usually two courses
deep and have two layers of steel. The beam needs to be deep enough so
that the anchor bolts always fall in the center portion of the beam
(between the reinforcing).  

Where the top of the wall follows the roof slope, we have specified a
sloping concrete tie beam, where the top slopes, and the bottom steps
with the CMU.  The reinforcing slopes to follow the roof.

Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E.
Martin-Espenlaub Engineering

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From: Edward Jonson [mailto:edjonson(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 12:51 PM
Subject: Bond Beam Reinf

I have a question about bond beam reinforcement where the masonry wall
parallel to the roof joists.  I have called out for the reinforcement to
slope with the ledger angle bolted to the wall, I have also called out
the A.B.'s to hook around the sloping reinforcement.  The contractor
to place all reinforcement horizontal and stair step the bond beam.  I
told the contractor I want the bond beam to follow the roof.  My
question is
can the mason place the bond beam reinforcement to follow the roof
The roof slope is 3/8" per foot.  Thank you.

Ed Jonson