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RE: Bond Beam Reinf

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What you want is not exactly typical.  If the contractor wants to step the
bond beam (which is more commonly done), I assume that you have a parapet.
Which means if you slope the bond beam, you have cut block above and below
the bond beam.  It can be done, but it is certainly difficult, and not

I don't know why you don't just use a headed anchor bolt.  The hooked anchor
bolt (even the ones that are hooked around the reinforcing) don't perform as
well as headed anchor bolts.

Now there is the problem of the grout.  It is very fluid (a lot of slump),
and it would flow down the bond beam unless you had a parapet and pumped it
in from the top of the parapet, or use a low slump grout for which there is
very little (if any) testing data.

I think that I would step the bond beam with a healthy lap, and I would use
headed anchor bolts always.  Just put the head far enough in to engage the
rebar in the shear cone.

An even slicker method is to cast in WT's in the head joints with headed
anchor bolts flare welded to the web.  The WT web is placed in the head
joint with the anchor bolts projecting to within about a 1/2" of the
opposite face.  The flange creates a weld plate that the iron worker welds
the ledger angle to, and the web serves as a shear lug for transferring
diaphragm shear into the shear wall.  This gives lots of tolerance to both
the trades.

The masons will never get an anchor bolt placed to 1/16" tolerance, which is
what you want to transfer forces. The masons will be lucky to get 1"
tolerance, which means that you will have to blow holes in the field, and
weld on plate washers.

Harold Sprague

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> Sent:	Tuesday, February 15, 2000 11:51 AM
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> Subject:	Bond Beam Reinf
> I have a question about bond beam reinforcement where the masonry wall is
> parallel to the roof joists.  I have called out for the reinforcement to
> slope with the ledger angle bolted to the wall, I have also called out for
> the A.B.'s to hook around the sloping reinforcement.  The contractor wants
> to place all reinforcement horizontal and stair step the bond beam.  I
> have
> told the contractor I want the bond beam to follow the roof.  My question
> is
> can the mason place the bond beam reinforcement to follow the roof slope.
> The roof slope is 3/8" per foot.  Thank you.
> Ed Jonson