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RE: glass conservatory.

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I have seen where structural glass was used to resist wind.  And you would
have to talk to the good people at Monsanto or others that make structural

When it comes to seismic, keep in mind that structural resistance to seismic
loads lie in the nonlinear range.  Glass is either linear or broken.  You
would have to analyze at an R of 1.  I have seen some beautiful atriums
framed in steel painted white with diagonal rod bracing.  You might suggest

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	glass conservatory.
> I have designed a two story single family dwelling in the Bay Area.
> Now the owner wants to have a 15' x 15'  glass conservatory (dinning area)
> attach to the building.
> The owner wants the three walls and roof of the conservatory to be build
> out
> of glass.  
> I am planing to design a moment frame at each side to take the lateral
> load.
> My question is can glass
> carry shear load? or how I go about the analysis of such structure? I know
> that we use plywood to transfer load to frames, walls etc.
> but how can I show the collection of shear load into steel frame and
> glass.
> I appreciate any help, comment , better yet teaching on the subject. 
> Thanks in advance
> F. Duarte
> E.I.T.