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RE: Bond Beam Reinf

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Bond beams are intended to tie, and keep the building together, something
like strapping the building at certain vertical intervals. In situations
where the building has a gabled roof, the bond beam at the termination of
side walls should continue all around the building even though the roof will
be departing from that level at the gabled end. Now that we have a nicely
tied exterior wall system may be we can think about why we want
reinforcement (horizontal) at the sloping top of the gabled end wall? If we
want to keep that localized piece of structure together may be we can cast
concrete topping on the sloped or stepped cmu wall, or may be we can slope
cut the masonry and create our own bond beams realizing that most of the
bond beam work (keeping the walls tied around the building) is perhaps being
more effectively achieved at the lower roof level any way. And anchor bolts
do not need to be hooked around reinforcement. Their embedment in grouted
cell is what makes them work.

This is how I see it any way.


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Subject: Bond Beam Reinf

I have a question about bond beam reinforcement where the masonry wall is
parallel to the roof joists.  I have called out for the reinforcement to
slope with the ledger angle bolted to the wall, I have also called out for
the A.B.'s to hook around the sloping reinforcement.  The contractor wants
to place all reinforcement horizontal and stair step the bond beam.  I have
told the contractor I want the bond beam to follow the roof.  My question is
can the mason place the bond beam reinforcement to follow the roof slope.
The roof slope is 3/8" per foot.  Thank you.

Ed Jonson