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RE: Steel & Aluminum

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I usually specify two coats of epoxy paint on the aluminum for interfaces
with other materials. Although galvanized steel bolts could used with
aluminum, I usually specify stainless steel bolts.  

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> Subject: Steel & Aluminum
> We are currently looking at the design of a foundation for a 
> bus stop.  There 
> is a steel channel with a pipe and plate on one end.  Now the 
> problem is that 
> the bus stop is going to be fabricated out of aluminum and 
> there is a bottom 
> flange plate on the assembly that is made of aluminum so 
> there are two 
> questions here.  (1) Does anyone know of an inexpensive 
> material to place 
> between the two plates?  The forces are really low ~ 400# and 
> 8 kip-ft on 
> 10"x10" plates and (2) Will Galv. A325 bolts be suitable for 
> this connection 
> or should SS be used?
> -Bill King, EIT