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Re: Information Bulletin ST-12

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<< In a message dated 2/15/00 4:40:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
Sbhakta(--nospam--at)ENG.CI.LA.CA.US writes:
 << I believe it is available through LAB&S.  It is placed at the counter 
based on
  the unconfirmed rumor. >>
 It's not a rumor. It is available at the LA B&S counter. I picked up a copy 
last week and forwarded a copy to Dennis Wish, who's, I believe, going to 
post it or make it available on this listserver. 
 >>> Edward Arrington <Earringt(--nospam--at)> 02/15/00 03:42PM >>>
  A friend is looking for the above document.  Does anyone know what it is and
  where one can obtain a copy?
  ST-12: "Interim Alternative Method of Distribution of Lateral Forces in Wood
  Framed Building assuming a Flexible Diaphragm." 
  Thanks in advance
  edward arrington >>
 This is interesting. From your e-mail address, it looks like you work for 
the City of Los Angeles. How come you don't know about this document?
 Oshin Tosounian, S.E.