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RE: Retaining walls

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I think it depends on how high your wall is going to be.  I've never
personally used this product, but I've noticed a few projects around
town.  It appears that a couple of the taller walls have had problems.
I'm not sure that Versa Lok was the exact product, but at least
something pretty similar.  The two specific problems that I've seen
include a large crack in a perpendicular end wall (appears the
front/face wall is pushing out under the lateral earth pressure) and
another case where a horizontal crack/opening appeared in the front/face
wall (again, probably due to the lateral earth pressure).  The latter
project utilized some sort of tie-backs or soil nails through the block
wall with large steel plates on the front to repair the problem.
Doesn't look attractive, but after painting the whole thing it looked

I may be wrong, but I generally think of these types of walls as being
best suited for landscaping and small civil type projects...about 6' to
10' max.  The two walls I've seen with problems were more like 20' tall
or so (I'm guessing).  

Michael Ritter, PE

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> Subject:	Retaining walls
> Hey all:
> I am writing to get some other professional opinions and or
> experiences with 
> design, installation and maintenance of Versa Lok retaining wall
> systems. I 
> attended a seminar given by Versa Lok Corp. and was quite impressed
> with the 
> product. My experiences have been with other wall types (gabions,
> railroad 
> ties, concrete and stone) but never with Versa Lok. Before I spec a
> Versa Lok 
> wall I'd like to hear about other peoples experiences, good or bad.
> Thanks,
> John G., P.E.
> Garrison, NY