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RE: required live load for bank lobby

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This is actually for a job that someone else in my firm is working on.  I
know have a better understanding of what he needs.

A bank branch in an existing building is adding a new vault in addition to
their old one on a framed first floor above a basement.  He has calculated
the new vault to an equvalent load of approx. 100 psf.  There are no
existing drawings on the building.  He is convinced that he has seen
somewhere in some code a special "bank load" that was on the order of 150
psf, but we can't find that in SBC, UBC, BOCA, or ASCE-7.

Looks to me like he's gonna be adding some beams / posts / footings in the
basement area.


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Lobbies are mentioned in 2 listings in the IBC and they are both 100 psf.
There is also a concentrated load of 2000 lbs for office building lobbies.

If you have any coin storage or small safe areas, the loading can get huge
in a hurry.

Harold Sprague

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> Has anyone seen specifically in any code the required live load for a
> banking floor?
> Thanks
> Dan
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