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Looking for EOR of Town Center Mall - Palm Desert California

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I was contacted by an architect back east who is putting a store into the Town Center Mall in Palm Desert California. Because of time restraints, I am unable to research the microfilm library at the city until next week and I was unable to get the City's cooperation due to the current work load. Also, I have not been able to get a response from the Mall's in-house architect and management fast enough - although I hope to receive some word later today.
My intention at this point is only to help the Store Architect from back east find the original EOR in order to possibly hire the firm to provide the structural information they need to install a safe in the store they are designing.
I suspect that the firm is on our Listservice and Robert Englekirk's office rings a bell - but I am not sure. Please email me privately if you are or happen to know who is the original EOR of the Town Center mall.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax