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RE: Software/hole in plate

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We design millions of square feet of tiltup each year. Not that that means anything. We may, after all, be all wet.<g> But...

We only resort to FEM as a last resort. There is very little ROI applying FEM to a tiltup panel unless it simply does not lend itself to strip methods.

For small openings it is usually sufficient to simply replace the removed steel with new jamb bars or straps. This assumes you are talking about a retrofit, of course.

There is a presious dearth of tiltup design software that is useful to the design office. Most are designed for the use of riggers and contractors. The one that I DO use occasionally is PCA WALL. It is not particularly red hot because it does not model variation in stiffness due to cracking analytically. PCA WALL does attempt to model P-Delta effects, though. It is much better for heavily loaded shear walls than tiltup, IMAUCHO.

Now a program like CSI's SAFE is terrific, but it does not model inplane forces and is, as a result, of little use in tiltup design. 

Mark E. Deardorff, SE
Deardorff & Deardorff, Inc.
Ramona, CA 92065

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> Subject: Software/hole in plate
> Hi, I was just wondering if you can help. When you have a 
> hole in a plate (
> example ; door/window openings in tiltup walls etc. ), what 
> is the best way
> to handle it? I think an affordable Finite Element program 
> may be helpful.
> Is there any ? Any suggestions? - Ajay Ray, S.E., Arcadia