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required live load for bank lobby

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Dan Vines wrote:

>>Has anyone seen specifically in any code the required live load for a
banking floor?<<


No, I haven't seen any specific live load requirements for a bank floor, 
*but*, I was called in to analyze the floor of a bank when it was being 
converted to office occupancy *and* they wanted to remove the vault door, 
take it out of the building and use it in another location.  (Those things 
are HEAVY!)  Because the basement was all finished, they wanted to avoid 
shoring the structure if at all possible.  A system of load distributing 
timbers was used.

Removing the door was an interesting operation to watch.  After the concrete 
surrounding the door was sawed thru, it took about 4-hours for them to walk 
the door out of the wall, turn the door around, lay it flat on a dolly, and 
roll it slowly out of the building.

So, you might keep in mind that if the door is ever going to be removed or 
replaced, it can't be lifted out of the building by crane so a conservative 
live load would probably be appropriate.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona