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RE: required live load for bank lobby

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Your second post came thru after I sent my previous post.

Normally, the walls of the vault will have to be carried down to the 
foundation.  The banking industry has requirements for concrete thicknesses 
of the floor, walls and ceiling as they don't want anyone to have easy access 
to the vault from any direction.  It is not just the adequacy of a floor 
system that has to be considered.

The person designing/analyzing the floor system will need to know the weight 
of the vault door and analyze the floor system for getting the door in place 
unless the owner plans on cutting a hole in the roof and floors, if any, 
above where the vault is going in.  He will have loads of fun if the door has 
to be brought in on the existing floor system <G>.

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dan Vines wrote:

>>This is actually for a job that someone else in my firm is working on.  I
know have a better understanding of what he needs.

A bank branch in an existing building is adding a new vault in addition to
their old one on a framed first floor above a basement.  He has calculated
the new vault to an equvalent load of approx. 100 psf.  There are no
existing drawings on the building.  He is convinced that he has seen
somewhere in some code a special "bank load" that was on the order of 150
psf, but we can't find that in SBC, UBC, BOCA, or ASCE-7.

Looks to me like he's gonna be adding some beams / posts / footings in the
basement area.<<