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Re: Concrete Carbon Wrap

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I am currently assisting a Bellgian group, de neef / SCI in introducing
their FRP strengthening systems to the US market (Carbon fiber sheets,
Carbon fiber laminates, Glass fiber sheets, breathable adhesives).

These systems, along with the previously mentioned MBrace and Fyfe
systems, have been used extensively to retrofit and/or strengthen
existing concrete structural members.

I attended an intensive 2 week workshop at UCSD given by Frieder Seible
and Nigel Priestley in 1996 and have been professionally involved with
this strengthening procedure ever since.

There are currently numerous US and Canadian researchers and professors
with much knowledge of these techniques.

ACI Committee 440 is preparing a document " Guidelines for the
Selection, Design and Installation of FRP Systems for External
Strengthening of Concrete Structures " (Working Title).

There is other excellent documentation available.

If you would like to send me a specific request, I would be glad to
provide you with all the information you need.



P.S. All the previous replies to this list have provided names of
knowledgeable engineers and companies in this field. Contact as many of
them as you can for the best overview.

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