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Post-tensioned slabs on grade - need advice

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I have been asked (directed?) by a contractor on a design-build
project to design a post-tensioned slab on grade, downturned at the
edges for footings, with thickened slabs for interior bearing walls.
The structure is wood framed one and two story in a warm temperature
climate where frost is not a problem. There are no known soil

We do most of our work in colder climates with 30" minimum frost cover
and standard footings. Frankly, I am unfamiliar with this type of
construction and am looking for guidance in the form of the latest
publications on p/t slabs on grade. We have info in our library, but
it is fairly old.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated so I can quickly get up
to speed. I don't normally check this list on a daily basis, so a
private response would be helpful.


Jim Bailey