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Re: Firewall Construction

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Specific fire resistive wall design can be determined through the UBC, or if the jurisdiction in which the project is located, has adopted the 14thor 15th Fire Resistive design manual, there will be assemblies clearly detailed with-in. The code does not allow two 1 hr. walls to create a required 2 hr. wall . The design, in my experience, must be per the design manual or UBC.Contact with the AHJ, should be able to clear up any questions you might have regarding design reqs. Panels such as you have described, should/required to bear an approved testing lab. label, and must be applied scrictly as approved. Hope this helps jpdalton    CDA Inspection Services----- Original Message -----
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Sent: Friday, February 18, 2000 7:37 AM
Subject: Firewall Construction

I am trying to understand the general requirements  and details for firewall construction.  All the firewalls I have designed were masonry and were restrained near the top of the wall.
Have any of you used insulated panels, (metal skin /foam insulation), for firewalls?  I have a spec sheet from a supplier that indicates that they can get 3 hours on their panel. 
This project involves a large freezer structure with a firewall down the middle - (project is still preliminary - I'm not sure yet if this is really a firewall or an area separation wall).
Assuming the panel indicated above will work, could we achieve a four hour wall by using 2 panels with some separation between the panels, say 3", but attach each panel to its separate structure?
Any thoughts will be appreciated!

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