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RE: Information on "flourogold" slide bearings

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First you've got to get the spelling right.  (We are not talking about
ground up wheat)

In the beginning there was Fluorocarbon.
Flurocarbon begat Fluorogold Slide Bearings.  
Flurocarbon begat Furon Structural Bearings (They couldn't spell
Fluorocarbon either).  
Furon begat Seismic Energy Products (They couldn't spell Furon).
....still in Athens, Texas, 903-675-8571, still making the Fluorogold Slide
Bearings, but no web site.

Humor intended.

Harold Sprague

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> Sent:	Friday, February 18, 2000 1:17 PM
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> Subject:	Information on "flourogold" slide bearings
> I am searching for information on the company that makes "flourogold"
> slide bearings.  We used to have a book from them but it has disappeared.
> I have been unable to find anything on the WEB (maybe I need a different
> search engine). Anybody have any information?
> Mike Sloey
> Jacobs Engineering Group
> St. Louis, MO