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Suggested Reading

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Attention Fellow  (Structural)  Engineers:

Check out for local magazine rack at your local store or magazine stand:

I just picked up the March 2000 issue of Popular Mechanics.


The cover story   features the proposed "World's Tallest Building",  
(7 South Dearborn - Chicago)       SEAOI  will be hosting a dinner meeting on 
April 11th on the engineering for the structure.  (check out the SEAOI 

Inside the feature story describes the structural system and the structural 

Just thought you might like to know

as always,

Bob  Johnson
203  North  Wabash  Suite 2010
Chicago,  IL  60601


National Engineers Week is here   !!
February  20  -26,  2000

Visit the following websites for info:

Step forward and be heard!
Only YOU  can uncloak the 'invisible"  (stealth)  profession


Just a reminder:

The second of a three part series on engineering wonders  will appear on the 
Discovery  Channel  -  Monday Night    February 21, 2000

Titled:    Bridges:  Reaching  Out

Check your local cable listing