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Bent Column

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	If the remaining column strength checks out OK and if pull-testing
indicates the anchor bolts are OK, the bent column can probably be left in
place and will function.  My point of view is this: the column has the
capacity to support its design loads, plus an accidental impact load or two
(such as the ding from the contractor's forklift).  If I owned the building
I'd want a little extra capacity in the columns for just that sort of
accidental ding.  But now the column has somewhat less extra capacity.  So
if you haven't done so already I'd involve the owner in this decision.  It
sounds like you should have the anchor bolts tested anyway.  For example you
could give the owner options: (a) test the anchor bolts and calc the
residual capacity of the columns (and still the owner will be left with an
installation that has less residual capacity than was originally designed);
or (b) test the anchor bolts and replace the bent column with a new column.
Any additional costs including your time should be borne by the contractor.

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> From: "Jesse D. Moore" <jdmse(--nospam--at)>
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> Subject: Bent column
> Greetings,
> I've inspected a damaged roof column on one of my projects which I am =
> the EOR. Concrete tilt-up building w/panelized roof system. The building =
> is under construction and the roof is in place. The column is a =
> TS6x6x3/8 (unsupported ht=3D26') and was struck by a forklift bending it =
> approx =BD" max at 6' above top of slab. No local deformation noted at =
> the point of impact. There are several cracks propagating from the =
> anchor rods through the grout under the base plate.
> I'm thinking of removing the grout and pull-testing the anchor rods. The =
> column will easily calculate with the new eccentricity. But haven't the =
> material properties of the column changed locally due to the plastic =
> deformation? And how does this affect column behavior?
> Any insight will be appreciated.
> Jess