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Re: Reliability/Redundancy Factor

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Assuming you only have one frame in the direction of loading and torsional
effects minimal to zero, it seems correct.

edward arrington

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I'm resending this memo, because I have not heardanything.

Any takers?????????????

The 1997 UBC Section 1630.1.1 has a "p" Reliability/redundancy Factor.
In equation (30-3) they have a "r" which for moment frames  is " shall be
taken as the maximum of the sum of the shears in any two adjacent columns
in a moment frame bay divided by the story shear."

My question is in reviewing a pre-engineered  single story building
 with equally spaced moment frames consisting of 1 bay of 2 columns frames,
is the shear per column one half of the story shear, thereby "r" is equal
to (1/2 V+1/2V)/V =1.

Any input on this subject is greatly appreciated.