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Re: Reliability/Redundancy Factor

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I guess you will need to determine if you can justify having some kind of a
space frame, although it doesn't sound so.  However, assuming you can
assume/justify distributing the load based on tributary area,

Vi = Shear/frame (say V/12 for now)

rmax = (Vi/2+Vi/2)/V = (V/24+V/24)/V = (V/12)/V = 1/12

edward arrington
(my comments and not necessary those of my employer) 

>>> <npitera(--nospam--at)> 02/21/00 10:18AM >>>

Actually I have a dozen frames.
To complicate things even more is that the roof is a standing seam roof,
virtually no roof diaphragm action.
Where is the redundancy?
There are horizontal brace rods but only every third bay.