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J & L Steel

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>From AISC's "Iron and Steel Beams, 1873 - 1952" page 91 shows a J & L 8" 
Junior Beam from their catalogs in 1931 *and* 1952 with the following 

Weight:     6.5 #/ft
Area:       1.92 sq. in.
Depth:      8.00 in.
Flange Width:     2.281 in.
Web Thick:        0.135 in.
Flange Thick:     0.154 in.
Ixx:              18.7 in.^4
Sxx:              4.7 in.^3
rsubx:            3.12 in.

1931 (and 1923) AISC basic allowable working stress:  18,000 psi

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Zachary Goswick wrote:

>>Does anybody have any information on Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation
products from the 1920's?  I am looking at a set of plans that says 8" J
& L Junior Beam at 24" o.c.  Can anybody help me in identifing this?<<