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RE: Comp: Networking the Intelligent Home

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I have two PCs at home connected to a hub which is uplinked to a DSL
"modem". For about six weeks I was unwittingly vulnerable to prying eyes.

Then I checked out:

I followed the fairly straightforward guidelines and am now feeling pretty
secure. This guy can cheaply and quickly get you walled off from the net. I
spent $40 for BlackIce (although I may be moving to the freeware product he
touts on his page), rejiggered my network to where it is NETBEUI internally
only, and so far as I can tell everything's hunky-dory.

I urge anyone who is or will be going DSL or cable modem to check out this
site, and "probe your ports". Do it frequently (as he says he is constantly
updating the "fierceness" of his probing routines as new techniques come

FWIW, my little home site now registers STEALTH! according to his probe.

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*** DSLs more vulnerable to hackers