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RE: UBC Question -Water Storage Welded Steel Tank Site on Hayward Fault location

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Currently there is no restriction that I am aware of.  There are near fault
proximity provisions in the 1997 NEHRP & the 2000 IBC in general, and more
specifically referenced in the Appendix to Chapter 14 of the 1997 NEHRP.
This is one of the problems that the BSSC Technical Subcommittee 13
"Nonbuilding Structures" noted.  It is in the process of being addressed.
It will soon be balloted by the BSSC for inclusion in Chapter 14 of the 2000

Harold Sprague
BSSC TS 13 Chairman

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> Subject:	UBC Queston -Water Storage Welded Steel Tank Site on Hayward
> Fau lt location
> Is there any restriction per UBC 97, AWWA 96 or any other code  for
> location
> on the fault line?.   Thanks in advance.  Sid