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RE: Steel Joists - Shop drawing review

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Edward Jonson asked the difference between SJI and AWS welds:  There is all
the difference in the world.  SJI specifications are not anywhere close to
AWS regarding welding.  I was involved in a job where the delivered
structural steel was inspected by the Owner (which is not abnormal), and the
inspector was also checking the joist to AWS and AISC specifications.
Practically every joist on the job was initially rejected, and it took many
weeks to convince everyone that the two specifications were very different.
What is acceptable per SJI would not even be acceptable for tack welding in
AWS is my opinion.

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Subject: Steel Joists - Shop drawing review

I have two questions about steel joists.
1.  How many engineers require stamped calculations for steel joists, and is
this a good idea?

2.  On some shop drawings I am reviewing there is a statement "all welds per
SJI specifications - not AWS".  Can anyone tell me what is different between
SJI and AWS.

Thank you.
Ed Jonson