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RE: Retrofit Involving Steel Joists

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As I understand things, this is in the joist mfr.'s court.  They are the
only ones who can design SP joists.  You might try talking to a different
person there.


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Subject: Retrofit Involving Steel Joists

I've got a little job where we must add some medium-heavy (IMO) equipment to
the roof of an existing building. I know who supplied the roof joists; I
have the original engineer's drawings where he called out the joists (incl.
the SP joists for equipment loads at the time the building was designed).

I called the joist manufacturer, and he pointed me back to the steel
fabricator, saying "he only gave us a fabrication list, he detailed the
steel".  But a call to the steel guy yields only a finger pointing back the
other way!  He claims "we wouldn't have done anything different from what
the engineer prescribed".

Only problem is, this doesn't answer the question of who designed/detailed
the "SP" joists which are diagrammed on the engineer's drawings.

I want to know who I should expect to have this design data.

Can someone give me some opinions and guidance on this?