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RE: Retrofit Involving Steel Joists

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If they were marked SP, they should have been designed by the joist

That is the simple answer.  What happens in practice is the manufacturer
says it will take longer to design and fabricate those SP joists, and
occasionally the detailer just bumps the chord size a couple of sizes to use
a standard size.  

You need to get the actual list submitted by the detailer to the joist
manufacturer, then you can talk to the manufacturer more effectively.  If
they are marked SP on the actual list submitted by the detailer, it is the
manufacturer's responsibility to design the joists.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Retrofit Involving Steel Joists
> I've got a little job where we must add some medium-heavy (IMO) equipment
> to
> the roof of an existing building. I know who supplied the roof joists; I
> have the original engineer's drawings where he called out the joists
> (incl.
> the SP joists for equipment loads at the time the building was designed).
> I called the joist manufacturer, and he pointed me back to the steel
> fabricator, saying "he only gave us a fabrication list, he detailed the
> steel".  But a call to the steel guy yields only a finger pointing back
> the
> other way!  He claims "we wouldn't have done anything different from what
> the engineer prescribed".
> Only problem is, this doesn't answer the question of who designed/detailed
> the "SP" joists which are diagrammed on the engineer's drawings.
> I want to know who I should expect to have this design data.
> Can someone give me some opinions and guidance on this?