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RE: Comp: Networking the Intelligent Home

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For what little I have seen about DSL, the most fustrating thing might be
actually trying to get it activated.  I have read several postings of
extremely fustrated people who tell of horror stories of trying to get
their DSL line installed.  They are typically for people who have
non-phone company DSL lines, which means that coordinate typically has to
occur between the phone company, the DSL hardware provider, and the ISP.
I have seen reports of it taking 6+ months of endless calling and
fustration to get the DSL line working.

If you want more DLS info, checkout  Contains reviews,
users comments, and can determine availability in your area.


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On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Dan Vines wrote:

> Dennis,
> It seems as though you have run across what is probably the most frustrating
> thing about DSL:  availability and pricing in your area.
> I don't recall from your original post who your local telco or provider is,
> but that simple detail can make your costs vary wildly.  In Atlanta, I have
> DSL thru Mindspring (oops!  that's Earthlink now) for $49.00 per month.  The
> same service is avaliable thru BellSouth for $59.00 (I used them until the
> Mindspring deal came along.)  With either of these plans, you get ISP
> service.  I have never heard of someone offering the line w/o it.  Also, it
> is ridiculous to charge an extra $20 or so in order to be able to use the
> phone line at the same time.  That is one of DSL's biggest selling points
> other than the speed.  Also, are the speeds they quote "guaranteed"?  Most
> "residential" providers only quote "best effort" speeds.  For example, mine
> is 1.5 Mbps, but I'm getting around half of that.  To get a guaranteed
> throughput, I'd have to change providers and pay around $150 per month.  Too
> rich for my blood.
> There are certain markets in the country that are getting faster service for
> even less.
> For those prices and services, I might be tempted to wait the market out or
> look again at a cable modem.
> Good luck
> Dan