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RE: Comp: Networking the Intelligent Home

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After all the stories, here and elsewhere, I realize that my DSL
installation pains were very minor.

The only problems I had were clearing some "loaded pairs" (don't ask me, I'm
a structural engineer) on my line. After they finally got their act in gear,
they finished installation approximately one month after I placed the order.
I had thought that since I'm in a quasi-rural area of Houston it'd be a
problem but it turned out not to be.

I have the "Enhanced DSL" package from Southwestern Bell (SWB's DSL service
is called, I believe, FasTrack).

This means that for about $70 per month I have the DSL service (of course),
FIVE static IP numbers to use as I wish, and an ISP connection through

The static IPs means that I can actually run an internet server, which I'm
planning to set up with an old 486DX2-66 using Linux as soon as I get a free
saturday. I will run a couple of web pages and also a mailing list or two
(probably move STRUCTX to that machine).

It's giving me the opportunity to understand internetworking from the inside

I do look at it as a hobby as much as anything else, sorta like HAM radio or
the like.

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For what little I have seen about DSL, the most fustrating thing might be
actually trying to get it activated.