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Re: EOR, Damages ...and the dreaded disciplinary actions

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<< Then, how is an engineer subject to disciplinary action by the board of 
 engineers for inadequate design? Could it stem from the same complaint that 
 the engineer was found not liable? Or, should there be a separate complaint 
 filed with the board, which has nothing to do with the original lawsuit.
 Oshin Tosounian, S.E. >>

This is a great topic...and fortunately you can have this question answered 
by a Member of the Board of Engineers.  
This coming March 16th, at the monthly meeting held by the "Consulting 
Structural Engineers Society" our guest speaker will be a member of the Board 
of Engineers in charge of disciplinary actions.

For more information on this meeting, call me at 213- 386-9778 or e-mail at 

George Hakim