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Off-subject(?): Indiana PE exam(s)

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I plan on taking the Indiana PE exam in the fall and have come up with two
questions for anyone that has taken it here in the not-too-distant past.

First (just curiosity), my application packet lists a "Structural I" test,
but no "Structural II".  Does anyone know why?  Is it because Indiana
doesn't have PE/SE designations like California, Illinois, etc.?

Second, a little advice on which test to take.  Here's a brief summary of
my education/experience:
BS Physics
20+/- hrs short of BSE (structural design)
3.5 yrs ME - heavy duty material handling
2.5 yrs SE - curtainwall
Passed FE exam (general)
US Army engineer officer

I'd like to take the structural exam, but my experience has been, for the
most part, material/application-specific.  On the other hand, all of my
civil-type experience, and most of my training, has been with the Army and
I really don't know how that compares to civilian civil engineering
training.  I know that no one knows my abilities, but based upon this
information, can anyone offer some advice?  Thanks in advance!