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RE: California SE exam

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Thank you for your insight regarding the California SE exam and the
NCEES Struct I & II exams.  What is your evaluation of each of these
examination systems?  Is somenone (in your opinion) more qualified to
design structures (especially in high seismicity regions) if they have
passed the Californis SE exam as opposed to the NCEES Struct I & II?

I would like to eventually take the California SE exam, but my
experience is generally limited to Zone 2 seismic design, which is of
course much less restricive and complex than design in Zone 4.  What
would be your recommendation to me as far as becoming eligible to take
the California SE exam?  I know that one must have engineers with a
California or Western States SE license be their references, or that
SEAOC can provide an evaluation of past work in order to qualify
experience.  Could I qualify, if I only had experience in Zone 2 or 3
design?  Again, thanks for the information provided.

Albert J. Meyer, Jr., P.E.
Martin-Espenlaub Engineering