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Re: Off-subject(?): Indiana PE exam(s)

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What a sad commentary on the "Elite License of the Nation".

Many years ago, several years running, I helped grade Michigan exams.  I
was pleased and impressed by the conscientious way the exam was crafted and
the grading was done.

Fountain E. Conner, P.E.
Gulf Breeze, Fl. 32561

P.S.  Charles, Martin Weissman's (Trader Jon's) funeral was this week.

> From: Charles Greenlaw <cgreenlaw(--nospam--at)>
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> Subject: RE: Off-subject(?): Indiana PE exam(s)
> Date: Thursday, February 24, 2000 12:48 PM
>      Re: California SE Exam vs NCEES Struct I and II Exams 

>         Why did the California SE Exam fall from favor? 
> My opinion is that the California SE Exam had fallen into
> a lengthy pattern of inept and unfair practices, in recent years
> by well-founded charges of gross error, cover-ups, indifference in
> to following instructions the examinees were bound by, denial of credit
> correct alternative answers, and leaks of exam info by problem writers.


>  The problem writer then
> graded everyone to his originally written problem statement and favored
> solution, and marked way down all other valid approaches. My repeated
> protests to the local chairman were not acted upon, and I was not asked
> the following year. 


> The wagons are tightly
> circled.
>         A friend who annually writes and grades problems for the NCEES
> Control Systems Engineering Exam tells me that valid solutions that the
> graders had not forseen are cheerfully given all the credit that expected
> solutions are, and that pride in fairness and integrity is uppermost.
> Perhaps such an image helped attract the other "Western States" to the
> Struct I and II Exams.
> Charles O. Greenlaw SE   Sacramento CA