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RE: diaphragm deflection

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1) Is the panel dock high? If so there will be moments associated woth the restraint.

if not,

2) Check the panel for the normal component of the gravity force induced as the panel rotates out of plumb. This also increases the horizontal force to the diaphragm slightly.

I tend to avoid deflections that large. It is usually an indication of a rather high span to depth ratio. But considering that the addition of an interior shear wall will kill you with a high rho factor, ...

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> Subject: diaphragm deflection
> Situation:
> Large concrete tilt up warehouse with flexible roof diaphragm.
> Large diaphragm deflection - say 8".
> Question:
> How do I "check" my tilt up panel located at the center of 
> the diaphragm to
> see if "it" can handle this?  Is that even the correct procedure?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> david adie