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Re: California SE exam

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"Cain, William" wrote:

> I would argue that a single test is an imperfect way to judge an engineers
> capability.  But, after participating in the process and reflecting on the
> process, it at least acts as a gross filter to eliminate those that need
> significantly more education and/or experience.  Does passing the test
> reflect competency? I think only in the most general way.


Charles and Bill-

Thank you for your coments.  I really didn't expect anyone to say whether or not
one engineer was more qualified or not based on the exam taken.  I purposely
asked the question to see what responses from the other side would be, since a
short time ago I saw comments in a thread on the website (a site
with a forum for prospective PE's) to the effect that many young graduate
engineers seem to feel that passing a licensing exam is NO indication of
competence.  I even saw one post where someone indicated that passing an exam
meant nothing, they had obtained a degree in engineering, and they didn't need
to pass an exam to prove they were a competent engineer.