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RE: Hold-down eccentricity

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Our flights into SF on Tuesday were canceled due to bad weather. Jerry
Buckman from Simpson in Brea (I believe) was also on his way and had his
flight canceled. I tried to get on flights into the evening and was unable
to make the connection without landing in San Jose. I decided to wait until
the next one. However, read some of my comments regarding the evaluation
software that Keymark and Simpson was kind enough to send me.  I posted it
I would say that the competition is neck and neck. If you must design a
structure with either skewed walls and/or non-plywood or Simpson Strongwall
hybrid walls, you are going to be doing it by hand for a while (although you
can use my spreadsheet on the seaoc website).

There is still going to be an evolution on these software and a lot of it
has to do with waiting for SEAOC Seismology to address the unresolved issues
and conflicts.


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We missed you at the Keylat training session yesterday.  I'd like to hear
reactions regarding Keylat. I have mixed feelings.
Chuck Utzman