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Re: Steel Joists - Shop drawing review

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1) Stamping.  Any reputable joist fabricator will be more than happy to sign and
seal their calculations with a PE from the state of manufacture after approval
of the drawings provided you specify the requirement at time of bid.
Personally, I neither require it nor see the value.  In the eastern states in
which I am registered if I hold myself out to be a PE, and if I claim (or it can
be demonstrated) that I did certain engineering work, than I am just as liable
whether I physically stamp the work or not.

2) AWS vs SJI welding are as different as night and day.  AWS is a prescriptive
spec (if you do this and this and this and this than it's OK), while SJI is a
performance spec (if it's strong enough it's OK).  AWS is not applicable for the
majority of joists due to geometry, while SJI is not applicable to the majority
of red iron for more reasons than I feel like typing.  _ALL_ SJI testing over
the past 70 years has been on joists welded per SJI, not AWS, so it works.


Edward Jonson wrote:

> I have two questions about steel joists.
> 1.  How many engineers require stamped calculations for steel joists, and is
> this a good idea?
> 2.  On some shop drawings I am reviewing there is a statement "all welds per
> SJI specifications - not AWS".  Can anyone tell me what is different between
> SJI and AWS.
> Thank you.
> Ed Jonson