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diaphragm deflection

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To Mark E. Deardorff, SE,
Thank you for responding. Yes there are dock panels with a finished grade of
4'-0" below the finished floor and a top of footing at 5'-0" below the
finished floor.

To Frank E. McClure,
Thank you for responding.  The 8" deflection number was not my actual
deflection - it was just a number for example.  I got a copy of all the
recent fema publications when I attended a local seminar recently.  However,
this design is under 1997 UBC.

To both and anyone else,
After talking with an associate it seems like the following approach would
be resonable.  Model the panel as a cantilever with a fixed base, load up
the panel until it matches my diaphragm deflection, get the moment based on
this load (force * finished floor to roof), check the vertical steel in the
panel to see if it can handle said moment.

If anyone thinks this procedure has "holes", please speak up.  If anyone has
a better way to go about this, please speak up.  If not, I'll just go on my

Thank you.

david adie