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Grout Strength

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	I have a project currently under construction in which we have low grout
strength.  I specified a grout strength of 3000 psi; however, we are getting
28 day strengths just over 2000 psi.  One break had a 28-day strength of
1970 psi which is lower than the 2000 psi minimum specified by UBC.  Masonry
prisms were specified, however, I have not seen the results.  Even if I
surpass the f'm=2000 psi specified, I still do not meet the UBC minimum.

	The problem is, as always, the wall is partially in place.  I would like to
determine what strength we actually have before the wall is completed.  The
wall is partially grouted, 32"oc.  However, I specified the bottom 4' of
wall to be grouted solid.  Can I core this section of wall, and then run a
compressive test on the core?  Do they need to saw off the face shells prior
to the test?

Any help will be appreciated.

Brian K. Smith, P.E.