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Re: WOOD: Lateral Design Software

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I had a hard finding Keylat information on the web site.  I'd suggest calling
Jerry Buckman at 800 999-5099 x 2107 (Simpson?).  Simpson appears to be heavily
subsidizing Keylat.  They (Simpson/Keymark) are currently staffing up a support
center in Calif. to do modeling for $0.15 per sq. ft. with a 2 day turn-around

I just completed the one day training and am still musing.  The modeling is
fairly fussy and $0.15 seems like a good deal.  The software has a few bugs,
but they seem committed to a 90 day cycle of free upgrades. They also are
starting a listserver (which is also a little crude a this time).  I'll
probably by posting most of my technical comments there because its a direct
line to their engineering/programing departments and they've promised to be
responsive.  Time will tell.  Simpson's involvement has pros and cons, but I
guess we can assume that Keymark has a deep pocket now ($250 is pretty cheap).
Chuck Utzman