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Re: NEHRP Maps

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Try this link for the NEHRP (PDF) Maps:

If you'd like PGA based on Lat & Long and/or zip code try this site: (caution:
the 2% in 50 yr values given on this usgs link do not have a deterministic cap
near faults)

Also, Seismic Hazard Maps for liquefaction and landslide hazards for Northern
and Southern California can be found here:

Hope this helps,

Ron LaPlante
Degenkolb Engineers.

Scott E Maxwell <smaxwell(--nospam--at)> on 02/25/2000 10:39:19 AM

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Subject:  NEHRP Maps

I had a link to online (PDF) versions of the 1997 NEHRP Map package
provided by USGS.  The link does not appear to work anymore...does any one
have a web address to the PDF versions of the maps?



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