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RE: EOR and Construction Defects

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In the mid 80's I was working for an engineer that was hired by an attorney
representing a 105 unit condo HOA. The scenario mentioned previously was
pretty much the same. Window leaks were found 9.99 years after the
construction. In order for the case to be desirable to the attorneys, the
entire building was examined and destructively tested. Since I was young and
thin, I was sent into attics and crawl spaces to inventory grade stamps on
truss web members, count and size nails, check for fire blocking, draft
stops, acoustical separations etc. After 3 million dollars was awarded and
some 1.something million went to the attorneys there was a priority
established for what was left for the for fixes. The home owners endured 3
years of litigation and construction fixes all the while being charged
assessments to cover the legal fees. Sales of any units was essentially
halted due to the situation. Most owners who wanted to move had to rent
their unit at reduced fees until things cleared up. After all was said and
done, most of the windows were replaced, new flashing and some new siding,
some windows still leaked after the fix, mineral wool and acoustical
insulation was installed between units, miscellaneous fasteners, a few
holdowns. But basically after 3 years of hell the building appeared to most
of the owners as it did before the case.  I don't know the details, but I
believe the original EOR was retired and the insurance companies picked up
the tab.

Jeff Smith