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Underhung Crane Design - Lateral Forces

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We are load rating an underhung crane system for a client that desires to relocate the system into another facility.  We have reviewed and designed numerous top running crane systems and monorail systems, but it has been a long time since I have done an underhung crane package.  In reviewing design procedures, I am confronted with a lack of understanding of the design of an underhung crane system girder for code prescribed lateral loads.
The loading is applied at the bottom flange and the flange is unsupported the full length of the building, 150'.
The client is currently indicating a 5 T hoist on an underhung system being supported by simple span beams, (S15x42.9 with a C8x11.5 cap channel).  The crane span is 45'-0.  With a maximum adjusted wheel load of  8.5 K / wheel vertical and 1.15 K / wheel lateral, I can not begin to get this thing to check.
Any thoughts, comments, suggested reading, or direction will be greatly appreciated!

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