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RE: Underhung Crane Design - Lateral Forces

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The only 'reading' I can recommend is a British Standard which, although
being over 40 years old, is still used today. Try BS2853:1957 'The Design &
Testing of Steel Overhead Runway Beams'. It contains details of calculations
for bending stresses both in tension & compression as well as longitudinal
and transverse stresses.

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> Subject:	Underhung Crane Design - Lateral Forces
> We are load rating an underhung crane system for a client that desires to
> relocate the system into another facility.  We have reviewed and designed
> numerous top running crane systems and monorail systems, but it has been a
> long time since I have done an underhung crane package.  In reviewing
> design procedures, I am confronted with a lack of understanding of the
> design of an underhung crane system girder for code prescribed lateral
> loads.
> The loading is applied at the bottom flange and the flange is unsupported
> the full length of the building, 150'.
> The client is currently indicating a 5 T hoist on an underhung system
> being supported by simple span beams, (S15x42.9 with a C8x11.5 cap
> channel).  The crane span is 45'-0.  With a maximum adjusted wheel load of
> 8.5 K / wheel vertical and 1.15 K / wheel lateral, I can not begin to get
> this thing to check.
> Any thoughts, comments, suggested reading, or direction will be greatly
> appreciated!
> Thanks!
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