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Re: Underhung Crane Design - Lateral Forces

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The best reference for calculation of stresses, etc., is:
CMAA Specification #74.  It can be bought from The Material Handling 
Institute: Tel.No. 704 522 8644.

The principal difficulty is in determining the unbraced compression flange 
length.  For a simple span, traditionally, the span is taken as the unbraced 
compression flange length. For continuous spans, the above assumption seems 
to be more justified, for the simple reason that, at the supports, the 
compression flange is at the top.  Addition of a capping channel definitely 
adds lateral (and torsional stiffness) thereby increasing the lateral 
torsional buckling capacity.  In several designs I have completed, I add some 
lateral stiffeners (an angle member, the other end of which is connected to 
adjacent beams or columns) at the top flange.  Steel being a forgiving 
material, our design shortcomings are often absorbed by the material 
characteristics.  If you have any specific questions, please let me know.  I 
have designed several underhung monorails, and so far, none of them has 

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