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RE: Pool Framing

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Since the " moist chlorine laden air is a major consideration" I would
recommend to the Architect that a major design goal of the HVAC system is
to control the humidity in this space.  The structural engineer can do a
lot to mitigate the problem butit would make sence to reduce the magnitude
of the problem.

Mark Gilligan

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Precast double T's and single T's can span 88 without a problem.  Corrosion
resistance to moist chlorine laden air is a major consideration with any
system.  Even some stainless steels are susceptible to corrosion from
chlorine, and concrete is not impermeable.  Fresh water reservoir and pool
roofs are constructed every day of many types of materials including
concrete, steel, wood, and aluminum.  Steel can be used if properly coated
with a good multi coat electrostatic polyurethane paint.  I have seen many
pool roofs constructed of steel.

I would consider all the options, weighing initial construction costs and
the life cycle costs of proper corrosion protection.  Check out the
Association of Corrosion Engineers.  The last time I went through the
exercise on a major pool roof, the result was steel with a very good
protective coating system.  Note: it is a protective coating system not

Harold Sprague