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Re: WOOD: Lateral Design / Link to Testi

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I was once sued.  I performed a deign on some condominiums in 1988.  The 
units sit on type 1 garage.  The column spacings were 35' in one direction 
and 40' in the other.  I designed beams and one way slabs to support the 
upper units. 

The contractor reviewing my drawings asked me to redesign it as a rebar flat 
slab (he wouldn't let me post tension the deck) and I refused.  I believe 
there is no way that flat slab will work with those spans.

I was fired from the Job.  A new Engineer was hired to take over.  Later the 
Architect and the Developer got into an argument that resulted in a 21 day 
trial.  I was named in the suite.

It took $10,000 to get out of the suite.  Clearly I did nothing wrong.

The end result is that I was out $10.000.  The Architect was paid for his 
services (he won his suite), The Engineer who took over the job (during his 
work he changed and signed the architects plans actually causing the law 
suite) was paid (his fee more than 5 times my fee) and, the home owners who 
are now experiencing the effects of the long term deflection of the slabs 
have doors and windows that won't close and etc..  They have initiated a law 
suite, I have been named again, but the statute of limitations have run on 
the Architect and the other Engineer, and never had any liability.

The lawyers were all paid.  The people who were free of any wrong doing were 
out the most money.

I would like to see a candidate who would reform our tort system.

Ken Tarlow

PS that Engineer is still out there